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Coolgreens market
A modern approach to fresh, chef-inspired food.

Coolgreens is a healthy lifestyle eatery.

The new Coolgreens Market is a quick and easy way to access the same high quality, fresh menu items as found in our restaurants. Healthy chef-inspired food and snacks are delivered fresh to locations in high traffic areas:

  • Office buildings/corporate campuses
  • Colleges/universities
  • Airports/rail stations
  • Hospitals, clinics/surgery centers

Easy to use, 24/7 – Guests simply swipe their credit card, open the door, and make their selection.

RFID technology removes the need to scan products and charges the guest for their selection once the door closes.

Do you have a location for Coolgreens Market in Dallas or Fort Worth? Contact us!


Mary Beth McGehee

VP, Business Development, Coolgreens
[email protected]
M: (469) 371-7558

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